VidMate HD Video Downloader & Live TV 4.0809 for Android

The description of VidMate

Discover apps for Android here, 10,000+ users downloaded HD Video Downloader & Live TV – VidMate latest version on 9Apps for free every week! With unexpected, recently it has become very popular in India. This hot app was released on 2016-06-24. You’ll want to use it on your own phones after you know more. Download the hottest movies, music, HD videos and Live TV on your Android device completely free of charge!

With advanced download technology, you can fast download movies/music/videos from youtube, vimeo, dailymotion and hundreds of other sites! All you want of entertainment is here.

VidMate app is a powerful application for android to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc and various other sites.

You can download VidMate app and install it directly from our official Site free of cost.



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  • 1 Features Of VidMate
  • 2 App Overview
    • 3.1 How to download  and Install Vidmate apk FREE of cost?
    • 3.2 How to download videos?
  • 5 VIDMATE FOR PC [WINDOWS 7/8/8.1/10]

Features Of VidMate

  1. Download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and various other sites.
  2. Watch live TV with more than 200 channels.
  3. Fastest Download speeds.
  4. Easy to use and navigate.

App Overview

NameVidMateLatest Version4.1311Updated OnApril 30, 2019Size13.35 MBTotal Downloads500 millionRating4.7/5RequirementAndroid 4.0+DeveloperNemo Studio




Vidmate for android comes in .apk file. You are downloading apk file directly from our site. You can directly download to your android and install it or download it on your PC and transfer to your android device later.

How to download  and Install Vidmate apk FREE of cost?

Step 1

Download VidMate Apk. If your browser warns you on downloading apk, ignore it as you are downloading from the official VidMate site.


Step 2

After download is complete, tap on the download completed notification to install.

Step 3

If you are installing app outside of Play Store for the first time, you may see an installed blocked message. Just tap on settings.

Step 4

For older versions of android, you will see something like this after you tap on settings in above screenshot:

For newer version of android, tap on settings and allow the installation from browser/source you just downloaded the app. In my case, Chrome.

Step 5

Go back to installation screen and you will see an install window. Tap on install and you are ready to explore the app after it gets installed. 

How to download videos?

  1. Launch app on your device.
  2. When it opens completely, you will see search bar at the top along with top sites below it. You can also see suggested and trending videos on your home screen.
  3. Now if you want any specific video to download search for it in the search bar. You can choose whether you want all results or just from YouTube or just movies, etc.
  4. Now click on video title you want or tap on download button. Then if you want to download it, tap on the red circular button at the right bottom corner.
  5. Now select the quality of the video you want to download. The size of the video is shown in the side.
  6. Tick on the file quality you want and tap download. Your video will be downloaded instantly.



Vidmate works well on android phones but most of the android phones have less storage because of which you may have problems downloading and storing movies if storage is full. Moreover, it is always better to watch movies and videos on bigger screen of laptop.

The main reasons or the benefits to download and use it on your PC  are:

  1. Much larger storage space available: In an PC  or laptop, having 512 GB storage is normal and you can get up to 2 TB hard drive easily. But in case of android smartphones, the average storage is 8 GB and some device rarely support up to 64 GB. So, you are getting 60-70 times more storage on PC than your android. You can store hundreds of movies, thousands of videos, hundreds of thousands of songs easily on PC.
  2. Bigger screen – More amazing display- More fun: We love to watch movies on cinema hall or theater more than on our TV. Why? It’s simple, because we love big screen. Watching on big screen is always fun and amazing. We can see more details easily.  Laptops or PCs have much larger screen than android phones. So, it is not a big secret that watching movies and videos on PC is more preferable than android.
  3. Higher Resolution supported: Android phones in general are only useful to watch up to 720p resolution. If you want more, you must spend a lot of money. Moreover, because the screen is small on mobile device, you cannot find much difference between a 480p video, 720p video or 1080p video. It’s just a slight variation to our eyes. But in PC, watching 480p, 720p or 1080p makes a lot of difference. You can enjoy higher resolution videos and movies on PC. 

We recommend you to use bluestacks among all these options because it is more popular as well as better than other alternatives. To download and use VidMate app on your PC and use it, please read following steps:

  1. Download bluestacks for your PC and install it.
  2. Download apk file of VidMate For PC
  3. Now open bluestacks on your PC. It may take up to 40 seconds, depending upon performance of your PC to get started on bluestacks.
  4. On the top of bluestacks you can see “My apps”, “App center” and “support” tabs.
  5. Click on My apps after bluestacks fully starts which is notified by a loading thread on bottom.
  6. On the My apps screen, you can see a + (plus) sign along with “choose apk” below it. Click on this item.
  7. Now it will open the window where you can select the downloaded vidmate.apk file and wait some seconds to finish installing.
  8. Now VidMate will be installed on bluestacks. Enjoy downloading movies and videos on your PC.

Want to download videos on your PC or laptop and save them off-line so that you can watch them or manipulate them? Maybe you like watching your favourite movies, TV shows, and TV serials even when you don’t have an Internet connection. Maybe you want to create a video mashup. Whatever is the reason, you can easily install Vidmate on your PC whether it is running Windows (7/8/10), Windows XP, or even if you have a Macintosh.

How to download videos on your PC with Vidmate?

Vidmate is primarily a mobile app that is used by millions of people to download videos from a number of video hosting websites. But this shouldn’t stop you from downloading videos on your PC. Although you cannot directly install Vidmate on your PC, you can create a virtual Android environment on your PC and then run Vidmate inside that environment.

The piece of software that allows you to create a virtual Android environment is called BlueStacks. It is famously known as an Android emulator. You can download BlueStacks here.

Save the installation file somewhere on your PC. Once BlueStacks is downloaded, navigate to the folder where you have downloaded the file, double-click it, and it will start installing.

Once you have installed the BlueStacks app on your PC or Mac, simply run it the way you run other programs and apps.

BlueStacks has its own interface that enables you to find practically every Android app there is available out there, download it and install it. Then, afterward, you can learn and use the app just like you would do on your mobile device powered by Android.

Use the inbuilt search function in BlueStacks to find Vidmate. Once it finds it, install it. Afterward, it will be available under your “My Apps” tab. You can run it and then download videos on your PC.

Download any video format using Vidmate for PC

If you regularly download videos from various video hosting services by now you know that it can be quite a cumbersome task. You have to first visit individual video hosting websites, find your favourite videos, somehow extract the links, then find a website that allows you to download the video, and then download it. What if you want to download 10-20 videos at the same time? Besides, how do you make sure that you have got the best version of the video you need.

This is where the Vidmate interface can be invaluable.

Vidmate has an inbuilt search engine that allows you to search for videos using keywords. For example, if you want to search for “Rolling in the Deep” by Adel, simply search for the title of the song and Vidmate will find the various versions of the video from all the video hosting websites it can locate.

Facing every listing, there is a “Download” button that you can use to download the video. But the story doesn’t just end here. Once you have found the video that you actually want to download, you can decide which format you prefer. For example, you can choose video formats like AVI, MOV, FLV, MP4, 3GP and many more. You can also decide whether you want to download an HD version of the video or a low-quality video. You can also decide between 360p or 1080p.

The Settings section allows you to decide whether you want to download videos with faster downloading speed or the regular speed.

Are all these Vidmate features is also available on your PC?

Sure there are. Go ahead. Download Vidmate for PC. It will not just help you enjoy your favourite videos without an Internet connection, it will also help you find the right videos for your viewing pleasure.

Don’t hesitate to approach us in case you have a question.

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